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 Dr. Tamala Kelly: Bringing the Community's Voice to City Council

Monrovia is a vibrant community with tremendous untapped potential in terms of people, knowledge, history, and community resources.  We have a responsibility to engage this potential, to build relationships, embrace our differences so together we can do great things. What do I do best? I bring people together for a common purpose. 

I am running because I believe we all have a responsibility to serve in some way.  I will use my compassion, empathy, and leadership skills to help Monrovia thrive.  I will always listen. 

My husband and I are proud to have called Monrovia home for over 20 years while raising our wonderful children here.  My hope is that all our children and grandchildren decide to make Monrovia their forever home and raise their families here.  But hoping is not enough.  We must insure that every Monrovian has the opportunities needed to reach their goals.   

I will use my experience as a pastor, an educator, and a community leader to make the positive changes we need here in Monrovia.  We need leaders who will make thoughtful decisions to insure the quality of life many currently have and to improve the lives of others in our city.  We need prudent spending decisions, we need legislation that will directly help those who struggle, we need advocates for those whose voices are not heard, and we need leaders who care.  I have the skills and experience to be one of those leaders.   

When I am elected to our City Council, I will bring a focus to advocate for youth development programs, affordable housing, economic vitality to all businesses in Monrovia, and refining and improving city policies and procedures to address the needs of our unhoused and most vulnerable Monrovians. Above all, I am here for the people. I can do this because I speak not from a bird’s eye view but from an engaged view; from a community view. 

Our next City election will be held on June 7, 2022.  I hope to earn your vote.  Please feel free to contact me directly at 626-662-5798. 


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