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Affordable Housing Options

  • Help low-income residents stay in their homes and not become unhoused
  • Support legacy residents and young people’s efforts to purchase a home
  • Encourage inclusionary zoning
  • Set aside 20% of units for affordable housing in multi-unit developments
  • Protect tenants and prevent rent-gouging, making it easier for Monrovians to stay in their homes
  • Build new multi-unit housing equitably across the city, instead of clustering it in one area
  • Create a program to incentivize new accessory dwelling units—either targeted for low-income tenants or toward low-income homeowners

Public Safety

  • Everyone in Monrovia deserves to feel safe – we must consider the impact of public safety as we design and implement programs, legislation, and budgets  
  • Ensure there is a strong, positive relationship between the police and community – if the relationship is strong, then the community thrives

Monrovia's Natural Environment

  • We need a healthy environment throughout our city, including shade and trees in south Monrovia
  • Reinstate the Monrovia Environmental Accord — 21 action items focused on energy, waste reduction, transportation, environmental health, and water
  • To establish a Green Team comprised of Monrovia citizens who are committed to our natural environment  

Youth Development

  • More options for young people to learn about careers and trades including supporting internships along with job and vocational training
  • Additional support for community organizations that engage young people
  • Advocate for funding to be allocated  for youth and young adult mental health services and summer enrichment programs.

Local Businesses

  • Attract, retain and support small businesses
  • Encourage job-creating opportunities
  • Support Merchant Associations and Business Improvement Districts

Socio-Emotional Stability

  • Refining and improving city policies and procedures for addressing the needs of our unhoused and most vulnerable Monrovians. 
  • Secure Measure K funding to employ a full-time psychiatrist and social worker to do ride-alongs with our Police and Fire departments.

Fiscal Stewardship

  • City funds need to be spent prudently and effectively
  • Oversight and public information is essential so that the taxpayers have confidence in how their money is being used

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