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Meet Tamala

My name is Dr. Tamala Kelly and I am running to be the community’s voice on our City Council.  My family and I have been a part of the Monrovia Community for 20 years. My children have attended Mayflower Elementary, Clifton Middle School and Monrovia High School.  I am a pastor, educator, and community leader.    

I learned compassion and caring from my parents.  I remember my mother advocating for equal access to education.  I watched my father be drawn into public service which inspired him and made him a better person.   

When my children were young, I called myself a “stay at home mom” yet I spent a great deal of time volunteering in our community.  And I took my children with me so they would be inspired by public service.  When I went back to school, I sat at the kitchen table doing my homework along with my kids – who make me proud every day.  I attended Pasadena City College, Citrus College, and Azusa Pacific University where I received my Doctor of Ministry degree. 

Because I believe in the importance of public service, I found time for volunteer work.  I organized community health fairs, food and clothing drives, hot meal deliveries, and served as an Ambassador with Child Help USA helping children who were victims of abuse.   

In 2007, I became a partner with the Monrovia Youth Alliance through the Monrovia YMCA.  The program focused on empowering youth (and their parents) through leadership and faith.  I also founded Empower 2 Purpose, Inc. and still serve as its CEO.  Empower 2 Purpose is a community-based organization focused on helping women discover their God given purpose and worth.  Under the umbrella of Empower 2 Purpose, I run Girl Power which is focused on empowering girls (aged 11-17) and helping them find their purpose in life. 

After receiving my doctorate, my husband and I founded the Purpose Church in Monrovia in 2010.  My husband and I believe that it is our reasonable service to serve humanity.  When purpose and potential are unlocked and all of the citizens in Monrovia can thrive, then and only then can we begin the path of insuring a vital community. 

Now, I want to use my experience, knowledge, and skills to help Monrovia become an even better place to live and work.   


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